October 7, 2019

New Content Plan - Inspire

By now, you’ve probably familiarised yourself with our existing monthly photography content plans Taster, Boost and Thrive. The three tiers were created with businesses like yours in mind, meaning they’re accessible to all companies, whether you’re a start-up business or a well-established company.

But we felt there was a gap in our plans and we sought to ensure that you could access the perks of the higher tiers, without breaking the bank.

Introducing: Inspire

Our Inspire plan slots between the Taster and Boost plans, making it the perfect stepping stone for companies who are looking for that little bit of extra support.

Priced at just £180 a month, Inspire offers:

  • 10 product images
  • Up to 2 products
  • Your choice of lifestyle/studio image split
  • The opportunity to send a different product each month
  • Phone and email support
  • The option to cancel anytime after the first month

With each image costing £18, and the option to send more than one product over each month, Inspire is better value than the Taster plan. 

Let us worry about the models, locations and the weather - you simply focus on running your business. 

Why not give Inspire a go? Simply sign in on our website and select “change plan”.

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